International Mother Language Day

Today is International Mother Language Day. Below are a few ways to say hello in some languages that are dear to me. Welsh, although it is not my mother tongue–or even my grandmother tongue–is my great grandmother tongue.

Shwmae, Sut ydych chi? (Welsh)
“Hello, How are you”

Some other languages that are close to my heart include some languages spoken in Australia, these too are not my mother tongues.

Ngudda kamak?, Baleh yire? (Bininj Kunwok, Kunwinjku)
“How are you? Where are you going?”

Reply (in another language):

Manymak, ngurra. (Yolŋu Matha, Gumatj)
“I’m OK/good.”

I live in Australia and my mother language is British English . In my daily life I speak Australian English. These are just two amongst so many languages and varieties spoken across the Australian continent. Here’s to celebrating all of the languages spoken as a mother tongue around Australia as we speak!

Hello, how are you? I’m fine thanks, and you? (Australian English)
“Hello, how are you? I’m fine thanks, and you?”

Here are some links to resources on some of the languages mentioned in this post: